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Here are some flight routings I've extracted from various official sources. I will only be showing the very latest versions.
It is split into two sections:

This section is primarily North, South and Central American Airlines and is in acarsd format,
which I have included because the flights in this part of the world change more frequently than in other parts,
and unfortunately acarsd does not presently have the facilities to update existing flight routings.
Please click here to view the instructions and data.
(This data can easily be converted for other ACARS software like WACARS or AirNav.)

This section lists all other airlines and can be found below.

Aeroflot (SU)
Airline (6th September 2005)
FedEx - Federal Express (FX)
FBOWeb (21st December 2004)
JAL Cargo (JL)
Airline (6th September 2005)
Japan Air Charter (JO)
Airline (6th September 2005)
Japan Asia Airways (EG)
Airline (6th September 2005)
Kalitta (K4)
Airline (6th September 2005)
Polar Air Cargo (PO)
FBOWeb (21st December 2004)
FBOWeb (21st December 2004)

FBOWeb = FBOWeb.
Airline = The Airline's own flight schedule.