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Flight Routings in acarsd format
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I would like to make it very clear that it is possible for the acarsd-baseflights.db file to get corrupted and cause acarsd to crash. I cannot guarantee that by following the instructions below that this won't happen. If it does, then simply delete the acarsd-baseflights.db file and replace it with the copy that you made...at least that way you will be back to where you started from.
All data is taken from Amadeus.net over the 7 days prior to the date of the file.

Each file contains data in acarsd format, which is as follows:
DAYS (for example --XXXXX) MTWTFSS
Each field is separated by a tab, so should be able to be converted to other formats.

I have checked back for the previous 7 days to see the days of operation, although I can't guarantee how reliable this was. In acarsd, I'm not sure if it actually makes a difference or not, as most of them seem to be just XXXXXXX

To replace your existing data in acarsd you will need to do the following (sounds complicated, but is actually very simple) - I've written step by step instructions, just in case anyone's not sure of how to do things.:
  1. Close down acarsd
  2. Open up a DOS window
  3. Go to acarsd drive/folder
  4. Type the following, followed by return:
    acarsdb.exe -t FLINFO -e FLIGHTS.txt
    (This will extract all the flight data and put it into a text file called FLIGHTS.txt)
  5. Open up the FLIGHTS.txt file, which appears in the acarsd directory.
  6. All the flights will appear in reverse alphabetical order. Select an entire airline's flights, say AC for Air Canada and delete them all.
  7. Open up the airline's file, in this case AC.txt and copy and paste the data into the FLIGHTS.txt file, preferably in the same place you deleted them from.
  8. Repeat steps 5. & 6. for each airline you want to alter in turn*** (see note below)
  9. Save and close the file.
  10. Go back to your DOS window and type the following:
    acarsdb.exe -t FLINFO -f FLIGHTS.txt -o
  11. Close the DOS window
  12. Start acarsd.

*** There will be some flight in your old data not included in the attached ones, as far as I am aware these are ad-hoc flights, but it's up to you if you want to keep them or not...if not and they re-appear then acarsd will just try to look for the routings again.

There is a way to import the data I have attached into acarsd, however as far as I am aware it will only add in flights not currently in the database, it will NOT update any existing flights.

Skyservice (5G)
5G.txt (5th Oct 2005)
American Airlines (AA)
AA.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - American Eagle (MQ)
    AA_MQ.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Air Canada (AC)
AC.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Air Canada Jazz (QK)
    AC_QK.txt (5th Oct 2005)
AeroMexico (AM)
AM.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Alaska Airlines (AS)
AS.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Jetblue Airways (B6)
B6.txt (5th Oct 2005)
BWIA International Airways (BW)
BW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Continental Airlines (CO)
CO.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - ExpressJet (XE)
    CO_XE.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Atlantic Coast Airlines/Independence Air (DH)
DH.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Delta Airlines (DL)
DL.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Atlantic Southeast AIrline (EV)
    DL_EV.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Freddom Air (FP)
    DL_FP.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Comair (OH)
    DL_OH.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Chautauqua Airlines (RW)
    DL_RW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Shuttle America (S5)
    DL_S5.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Frontier Airlines (F9)
F9.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Airtran Airways (FL)
FL.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Hawaiian Airlines (HA)
HA.txt (5th Oct 2005)
America West Airlines (HP)
HP.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Mexicana (MX)
MX.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Spirit Airlines (NK)
NK.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Northwest Airlines (NW)
NW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Express Airlines (9E)
    NW_9E.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Mesaba Airlines (XJ)
    NW_XJ.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Sun Country Airlines (SY)
SY.txt (5th Oct 2005)
TACA/Cubana (TA)
TA.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Air Transat (TS)
TS.txt (5th Oct 2005)
United Airlines (UA)
UA.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Trans States Airlines (AX)
    UA_AX.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Skywest Airlines (OO)
    UA_OO.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Chautauqua Airlines (RW)
    UA_RW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Shuttle America (S5)
    UA_S5.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Mesa Airlines (YV)
    UA_YV.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Air Wisconsin (ZW)
    UA_ZW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
US Airways (US)
US.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Colgan Air (9L)
    US_9L.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Trans States Airlines (AX)
    US_AX.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Chautauqua Airlines (RW)
    US_RW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Air Midwest (ZV)
    US_ZV.txt (5th Oct 2005)
  - Air Wisconsin (ZW)
    US_ZW.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Southwest Airlines (WN)
WN.txt (5th Oct 2005)
WestJet (WS)
WS.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Midwest Express Airlines (YX)
YX.txt (5th Oct 2005)
Zoom (Z4)
Z4.txt (5th Oct 2005)

Disclaimer    Instructions    Files    Others