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Name: Dave H
Country: CanadaDate: Sun 23rd November 2008 22:09:55 GMT
Comments: Excellent website.....very Informative, Its great to see which planes are coming Into YVR so I can plan a trip If It's one I need....keep up the great work.
Name: Graham
Country: EnglandDate: Sat 13th September 2008 21:50:22 GMT
Comments: Excellent site.Please keep up the good work,your hard work
makes our hobby so much more enjoyable,noing you can tie up
an overfly.
Name: Andy
Country: UKDate: Sat 12th April 2008 23:32:29 GMT
Comments: Alex, A great site; many thanks for your hard work in making this available to us all. I have just sorted out all my tie ups from a recent trip to LAX where some of the Asian and European long hauls landing on the northerly runway were just not readable from Imperial Hill.
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