SPecial Over The Top Email Request System

Help me cover the hosting costs:
Currently this system will only let you access the previous 3-4 months worth of data.
I am working on a way to let the user access the older info.

You can use this system one of two ways; via this Website or via Email.

As this is primarily an automated email system, I have only designed a very basic web interface, which will just lets you search upon a single Flight No/Registration/Airline and Date combination, at a time:

Flight Number: or Registration: or Airline Code:  
and Date: or Month:  # hours offset from UTC:

As this system was designed for Emails, this is where it's full potential comes through:

Send an email to reqacars at antonakis dot co dot uk - I have displayed the address in this format to try and cut down spam.
Simply replace the ' at ' with '@', the ' dot ' with '.' (a full stop) and remove all the spaces.

In the Subject line, type the date, in the format dd-mm-yyyy
e.g. 25-02-2004

If you want ALL the data for that date, leave the body of the email blank, otherwise, in the body of the message type the flight number(s), one on each line.
AZA 636

Three Letter Codes will automatically be converted to Two Letter Codes, where known.

The very first time you use this system, you will be sent an email, which you need to reply to, keeping the subject line intact. In the body of the email will be a couple of questions which you will also need to answer. (The questions asked, are done so in order to help you use the system.)

You will then receive an email with the tie-up's you requested.
If no exact matches can be made, then the email will also include possibilites, for you to manually check.

If no exact match can be found, but a Two Letter code IS found (or entered in the first place), then your request will be added to a database and should an exact match be found over the following 100 day period, you will automatically be emailed with the findings.

Unfortunately, due to the way that HTML emails are produced, it is advisable that requests for specific flight numbers are ONLY made in Plain Text format, as if they are sent in HTML format, I cannot guarantee that they will be recognised!

Any difference to the way the Date and/or Flight Numbers are entered will mean that your request may NOT be processed.

  • This is an AUTOMATED email system. If you need to contact me directly, please use the email address specified in the email you receive. Any communications through the automated email addresses will NOT get to me!
  • As all the data contained within this system is entered automatically, i.e. via a computer script, some errors will creep in from time to time, although I have tried my best to minimise them.
  • If you have a footer in your email, this will need to be removed, if requesting an entire day's flights, otherwise this system will think your footer is a flight number!
  • Email software, like Outlook, tends to default to HTML format. Please look in your software's help files to see how to check, and if necessary, change to Plain Text format.
  • This system ONLY has flights starting from the 14th of January 2004. I have data from the 1st of April 2004, but I have had to archieve the older stuff.
  • Here's a little hint:
    When it can't find an exact match, it returns a list of possibilities ENDING in the same last three digits as your request, so it you don't know the Airline Code, just enter a fictitious one, like 'XXX', followed by the flight number, and you may be able to find it that way.
I have tried to make the system as simple as possible to use, but some 'rules' must apply. Saying that, if you have any suggestions as to how the system could be improved, or simplified, please don't hesitate to contact me.