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This section has various different packages, some of which are commonly found on websites, others which are bespoke.

Each of them can be incorporated, 'as is', into a site at the price stated, but of course can also be tailored to individual specifications, if required. The bulk of them are written using the PHP scripting language, so you would need a web server with PHP installed on it.

Domain HostingI can host your domain on my own server space. This is held on an Apache Server and includes access to PHP and CGI scripting.£50 p/a
DatabaseIf you want your own database then I can host that as well.£20 p/a
'Piggy-Back' HostingI can host your website, but not your domain, by 'Piggy-Backing' it onto my own domain. i.e your domain could be: www.antonakis.co.uk/yourname .
This includes use of a MYSQL database, but would NOT give you direct access to the Files or Database, you would need to come through me for all changes.
This service is more suited for those with a site that's unlikely to change very frequently, who still require the use of a database, but are on a very limited budget.
£15 p/a

Auction RoomThis is very similar to the auction site that EBay offer, and allows you to place items for auction under proxy bidding.
The advantage of having your own auction site, rather than using a third party one is obvious, you gain all the commission yourself.
As an example, if you had 100 items listed at £5.00, or under, you would earn a total of £15.00 commision just for having them listed on the site, irrelevant of whether they sold or not. On top of that you would take a percentage of the sale fee, so if all 100 items sold for £5.00, you would earn £25.00, making a possible total of £40.00. So you can see how quickly you would be able to recover the initial cost of the site.
The commision rates can easily be changed and even set for multiple currencies.
Dynamic Forms*This system lets you create Forms, by specifying the Field Names, Types, etc. This negates the need to keep going back to the web developer every time you want a Form changed or a new one added.from £100
Dynamic TemplatesThis template lets you choose various basic settings for your site, or even different parts of it, simply by choosing the appropriate colours and font styles/sizes, so again negates the need to get back to the web developer everytime you want a change to be made.from £200
Newsletter SystemThis is a basic Newsletter system, whereby Users can subscribe and unsubscribe from the specified Newsletters, in the format that they want (TEXT of HTML), and the Administrator can easily add new Newsletters, even specifying when they are to be sent out.£100
Notice BoardAs the name states, this is a Notice Board system, which allows Users to View and Post Notices. The Adnministrator can alter various settings, like the length of time a Notice is posted for, whether a Notice is moderated (i.e. checked before being displayed), and even banning abusive posters.£100
On the Fly Image GenerationThese are just a couple of examples of creating images from raw data. This negates the need to store loads of images on the server, especially useful if you have limited space. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to create 'dynamic' images, a prime example being Graphs.from £10
Page / Site CountersThese differ somewhat from a lot of other counters available on the internet, primarily because they count the number of ACTUAL or UNIQUE visitors to each page, and NOT the total number of requests.£10 p/c
Reporting System*For all the sites I design I give you access to a system whereby you can report any Bugs or Enhancements that you may find/require. After all, no matter how much testing is done, no site can ever be 100% bug free.
This system lets you track requests every step of the way, so you can very easily see the current status of each one.
I also use the data from this system in supporting the invoices that I raise, allowing the Customers to see their current balance.
Scrolling MenusThese are Menus that Scroll up, down, left or right. Ideal for making your site stand out from the competition, without making the User have to wait a long time as they quite often need to with the more fancy menus that a growing number of sites use.
They are written in Javascript, and can be tailored to individual requirements.
from £10
Slide ShowThis is a simple slide show system, where you can increase or decrease the speed of the show, as well as pausing it and manually going backwards and forwards.£50
StatisticsAs well as the Reporting System, all my sites come with a Free set of Statistics, which run on a 'Live' basis. i.e. they contain 'real time' data and not updated weekly or monthly.
Again, unlike some of the other Statstics programmes available, this one is more accurate by only showing the number of ACTUAL visitors. By this I mean, if you have a page with Ten images on it, some programmes show the number of visitors as being Eleven, once for the page itself and once for each image that it has to load.
Also, there is a very quick and easy selection list for all the different types of reports available.
I feel that it is neccessary to mention that like any form of Statistics, they should not be taken as Gospel, as they can be translated a multitude of different ways.

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