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Side ViewPhotographTailsLogo

Operator: Egyptair (MSR/MS)
Type: Boeing Aircraft Company 777-300ER (B77W)
Creator: Chris Alder

Type: Cessna Aircraft Company 205 (C205)
Creator: Chris Alder


Operator: Constanta (UZA)
Creator: Chris Alder
Above are just four examples of the different types of images you can find on this site.

Thanks to Mark Coles, the Basestation software, within the Kinetics SBS Receiver, introduced the world to the idea of having 'flags' displayed next to the data picked up on Mode-S ADS-B Receivers for the aviation enthusiast...this very quickly expanded to include pictures of the aircraft themselves, first in silouette form, then the operator logo, with or without the tail image, and finally with the entire aircraft itself.

A more detailed history of the evolution of these flags can be found on this blog.

In addition to the Kinetics SBS, Planeplotter also uses the same set of images within it's software.

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    PLEASE NOTE All images on this site are in JPG format to prevent bots from mass downloads. The ONLY way to get BMP format images, which are the type required for the basestation software, is to follow the Checkout procedure.

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  • For military searches, this site uses the official abbreviations, meaning SQN for Squadron. So to search on say 'Number 5 Squadron', you would need to enter it as '5 sqn'. (The space is required).
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